Make the most of your Cloud Services

Assessment, Migration and Optimisation Services

Whether you want to migrate a single application or an entire portfolio to the cloud, Umbrellar will assess your current IT infrastructure and business needs then create a roadmap that lays out the best migration plan for your business.

If you’ve already chosen Azure to host or manage your apps, we can help you manage the migration effectively to get the maximum benefits of moving to the cloud.

And if you’ve migrated successfully, we offer a range of optimisation services to ensure you get the best possible performance from your cloud services.

Assessment from Azure experts

Migration to Azure can be done in many ways. We’ll assess your business to advise the right migration plan for your needs. This will include recommendations on how to save on development costs - and get to market faster.

Our team looks at your current technology infrastructure in detail and discusses your business needs with you. We then advise which workloads and software to migrate first - and in what way - considering cost, immediate benefits, security, compliance and application dependencies.

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Migration is easy with us

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Our team supports you throughout the migration process

If you’ve already chosen Azure, we can help you manage the migration from legacy to new applications or platforms in the Cloud. We perform lift, transform and shift scenarios from on-premise hybrid or public clouds to Azure, including VMware on Azure (AVS).

We have two decades of experience integrating multiple systems and applications with mission critical infrastructure - and to make things simple for your business, we do everything under a single commercial model and SLA.

Our Optimisation Services

Once you’ve migrated to Azure, we offer a range of optimisation services to support the integration of new functionalities. These include:

  • Replatforming

  • Rehosting

  • Recoding

  • Rearchitecting

  • Reengineering

  • Interoperability

  • Replacement

  • Retirement

  • Changes to app architecture

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