Cloud Transformation through Azure

How Umbrellar helps your Cloud Transformation

Every organisation is at a different stage on their Cloud transformation journey. Umbrellar offers a consultation session to learn about your organisation and assess your current IT infrastructure. Based on your business needs, we create a Cloud transformation roadmap to give you a clear idea in terms of where and how to start and which solutions to implement.


Azure Assessment & Migration - Benefits & Features

Fully understand your environment and uncover potential security risks to securely and efficiently migrate to Azure!


Azure Migration - Where do I start?

Fully understanding your environment and uncovering potential security risks to securely and efficiently migrate to Azure is the first step in our three step process!


Step 1: Azure Assessment & Roadmap

To fully understand your environment and optimise your IT infrastructure, Umbrellar recommends running an Azure Assessment and workshops* prior to migrating to Azure. It helps you determine if Azure is right for you.

*Funding is available for the assessment and workshops - terms and conditions apply


Step 2: Azure Pilot Migration

Based on the assessment and roadmap, Umbrellar migrates your applications and services to the Microsoft Azure platform. Our experienced Azure team will integrate your environment with Azure using VPN or ExpressRoute, and move your first workloads to Azure.

*Funding is available for pilot workloads being moved to Azure - terms and conditions apply


Step 3: Azure Deployment

Based on the assessment and road map, Umbrellar migrates* your final workloads to the Microsoft Azure platform

*Co-funding is available for Azure deployment - terms and conditions apply