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New Zealand is brilliant.

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Our small size and our distance from the madding crowds of the rest of the world makes us a wonderful place to live and grow and gives us our unique perspective. But it also creates unique challenges for business. 

Because you run a tech-business, you know our economy is powered by small businesses: an amazing 485,000 of them. And you know they’re very price conscious, capitally challenged, and laser-focused on running their day-to-day business.

This geographic and business landscape has put New Zealand at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing world-leading business solutions like Cloud technology domiciled on New Zealand shores. Until now.

Now, Umbrellar is championing New Zealand business by tackling these challenges head-on.

As New Zealand’s largest hosting provider, representing over 87,000 of New Zealand’s SMEs, we believe it’s our responsibility to bring the world’s leading technology and business solutions to our shores, so more New Zealand businesses can achieve their potential to be brilliant.

Our partnership with Microsoft, the world leading hyperscale cloud provider, does just that. It extends the reach of Microsoft Cloud (Azure) to New Zealand via Microsoft’s Azure Stack product line.
So now, for the first time, there are New Zealand-based Azure services available to you and your customers.

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure and brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to New Zealand. It's the Azure Iaas and PaaS services you know and love, delivered by Umbrellar in partnership with Microsoft, and serviced from Umbrellar datacentres right here in New Zealand. 

Bringing Azure services to New Zealand brings the edge of the Cloud closer to you and your customers. Only our Azure Stack lets you deliver Azure services hosted here in New Zealand, while balancing the right amount of flexibility and control for truly-consistent hybrid cloud deployments. Now you can create truly consistent Microsoft hybrid Cloud strategies for your customers. 

Azure Stack Deep Dive with HPE & Microsoft

Four Azure Stack experts walk into a room...

And record this in-depth discussion of the Azure Stack proposition, and how it can provide the perfect solution to a number of business challenges faced by NZ organisations. 

In this video, Dave Howden, Head of Cloud at Umbrellar and David Garrett, Umbrellar Group Technology Solutions Architect, talk to Padi Quesnel from Microsoft and Andy Bedford from HPE, diving deep into the technical benefits of an Azure consistent environment. 

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Umbrellar brings the best people, partnerships, resources and expertise allowing New Zealand businesses to achieve more with the Microsoft Cloud.

As a CSP Reseller you have access to the world’s most advanced cloud based technology, New Zealand’s only Azure Stack for resellers, the best support on the ground – and most brilliantly of all – exceptional profit opportunities.

We know the Cloud inside and out. Our partner team is always on-hand to support queries and help you drive value.

As an Umbrellar Reseller, you are our partner. We do not compete with our partners in the I.T. business. Instead, we support you to the hilt to help them achieve Brilliant things with Cloud technology. We are here to help you win more business, not compete with you for it. The more our partners are empowered, the more value they can add to their customers. We constantly work with our reseller partners to support their marketing plans: to create awareness, generate quality leads, and drive consideration around the Microsoft products that enable their business.

Move up the value chain, become more involved in existing customers’ businesses, reduce churn, find new customers, and deliver managed and bundled services to create long-term recurring value.

Develop at speed with an Azure-consistent environment

Maximize productivity by empowering developers to build and deploy applications the same way whether your apps run on Azure or Umbrellar Cloud-powered Azure Stack.Isometrics ConsistentCloud with bleed

  • One set of tools - Use the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs enabled by Azure Resource Manager
  • Common DevOps - Experience continuous deployment and integration using Jenkins and Visual Studio Team Services, plus automation using Chef and Azure PowerShell DSC extensions
  • Work faster by using the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs - as enabled by Azure Resource Manager.
  • Easily transfer existing skills through a consistent development and deployment experience with Visual Studio.
  • Access powerful automation tools, such as Azure PowerShell DSC extensions.
  • Speed up new cloud application development by using a range of open-source and community-driven software components from the Azure Marketplace in Azure Stack.
  • Choose from multiple Linux distributions, Docker-integrated Containers (Linux and Windows Server), and Mesosphere.
  • Use Pivotal Cloud Foundry and open source Cloud Foundry consistently across Azure and Azure Stack to rapidly build, deploy, and operate cloud applications that are easily-portable across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Just like Azure, Azure Stack supports a broad choice of open-source application platforms, languages, and frameworks; including Java, Python, Node.js, and PHP.

Global thinking with Local Infrastructure

Having local, dedicated infrastructure means you can offer hybrid cloud computing to your customers on your own terms. With the flexibility to choose the right combination of global Azure cloud and in-country deployment models, you can meet business and technical requirements while exceeding expectations, brilliantly.

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With Azure Services available in NZ, customers can: 

  • Use the cloud computing model for Azure IaaS services to go far beyond traditional virtualisation. For instance, Virtual Machine Scale Sets enable rapid deployments with scaling options for modern workloads, such as containerised applications.
  • Incorporate consistent Azure PaaS services that simplify development and enable hybrid deployment choice and portability for cloud applications. Customers can run high-productivity PaaS (Azure App Service) and Serverless computing (Azure Functions) in on-premises environments.
  • Adopt common operational practices across Azure and Azure Stack: Deploy and operate Azure IaaS/PaaS services using the same administrative experiences and tools as Azure.
  • Build for the future as Microsoft and Umbrellar deliver continuous Azure innovation to Azure Stack, including new Azure services, updates to existing services, and additional Azure Marketplace applications.

Benefit from a ‘One Azure’ ecosystem

Adopt multi-cloud computing on your terms. With Umbrellar Cloud powered by Azure Stack, you can run Cloud services with the same administrative experiences and tools your team uses with Azure.

  • Identity management: With single sign-on, self-service, and managed access, you get a secure and seamless experience across Umbrellar Cloud, other Microsoft services including Azure and Office 365, and thousands of other third party services. 
  • Application development: Developers want a 'build once, deploy everywhere' environment. Consistent local and global cloud environment and a platform that has the same APIs, same language and skillset, makes app development seamless.
  • Data access: Regardless of where your data resides, access and enrich it with powerful analytics and visualization tools.
  • Management and security: End-to-end visibility is important in a true multi-cloud world. Visibility across local and off-shore cloud environments is critical for robust protection and recovery, automation and control, security and compliance, expedited threat detection and system monitoring.

The consistency of Azure Stack aligned with Azure solves many challenges faced by customers adopting a hybrid cloud strategy.

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There’s a single, consistent approach to platform, identity, training, operational procedure, and pricing across both NZ-domiciled workloads on Azure Stack and workloads on the global Microsoft Azure Cloud. This can significantly reduce complexity and help lower operational costs. 

Less complexity also makes it easier to take your customers on the journey to build their businesses on a modern cloud-computing platform. More simplicity allows for quicker and deeper adoption. 

So now you can offer your customers a consistent, Microsoft and Umbrellar-backed hybrid cloud strategy that:

  • isn’t reliant on capital investments
  • is aligned to the CSP program you already know.
  • is brilliant!

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