What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is a collection of services, applications, and resources customised for Azure Stack, like networks, virtual machines, storage, and so on. Users come here to create new resources and deploy new applications. Think of it as a shopping catalog where you can browse and choose the items you want to use. 

Find solutions you need<br />
Find solutions you need
Browse through Azure Stack Marketplace’s rich catalog of products and end-to-end solutions from independent software vendors (ISVs). Get access to open source and enterprise applications that have been certified and optimized to run on Azure Stack.
Deploy with confidence<br />
Deploy with confidence
Stand up an end-to-end solution reliably within a few minutes. At Azure Stack Marketplace, we work with each of the software vendors to ensure your experience installing and using the software on Azure is as seamless as possible.
Enterprise integration
Enterprise integration
Get the architectural guidance and implementation help you need from Umbrellar and our strong ecosystem of top system integrator and solution architects. Enjoy a consistent procurement experience regardless whether you use Azure and Azure Stack and reuse your existing software licenses with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offers.

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