Enterprise Compute across 4 data centres

If you’re ready to look at a managed enterprise-grade hosting solution, we’ve got you covered. With compute powered by HPE, Nimble and VMware across 4 data centres, we have multi-site solutions to meet high availability hosting needs.

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Take advantage of our platform flexibility with scalable CPU, RAM and performance storage. As you grow and change as a business, we’ll support you and work with you to find the best way to manage your needs. From compute to internet connectivity, our services are resilient and ultimately scalable.

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All of our services are delivered from our secure tier 2.5 data centres, so you know your data is always in safe hands. Your servers can be publicly available, or private and protected by dedicated security appliances. Depending on your requirements, we offer a host of security profiles, from DDoS protection to intrusion detection, secure remote access to advanced threat protection.


Need to roll back, or grab some files that were accidentally deleted? No worries. We offer backup solutions for a multitude of backup-use scenarios – onsite or offsite, total virtual machine snapshot to file level backup and more.

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Virtual Machines

We supply virtual operating systems from all the major players – Microsoft, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS – and if you’ve already got an operating system image, no problem. We can run that too.

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