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Mark Walton Headshot2

'Data Driven Cultural Transformation'
Mark Walton, Microsoft

As the world rapidly changes around them, most companies are transforming to stay relevant and get ahead.  They seek to be more nimble, more digital and more date driven.  As a data point, a well known research study by McKinsey states, 3 out of 4 organisations are transforming, however 70% fail, and 50% of those failures are because from managers to individual contributors – people naturally resist change. Find out how Microsoft is supporting organisations to help their employees understand how they spend their time, and then guiding them to better work habits and team outcomes that support the organisations transformation.   

Liz Knight Headshot4

'Microsoft EM+S and Intune'
Liz Knight, Head of Mobile Security, 
Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor is THE organisation that deploys Microsoft 365 for mobile-first companies. This session will cover how Mobile Mentor’s Mobility 365 offering  compliments Microsoft 365 for companies with a mobile workforce. Learn how companies are using Microsoft EM+S to deliver their end point security requirements and how Microsoft PowerApps can be leveraged to deliver mobile workflows.

Nicki Raistrick Headshot3

'Leading Through Change'
Nicki Raistrick, Innovate and Transform

Nicki will present on strategies for winning support, maintaining engagement and driving adoption of new platforms.  Nicki is the Managing Director of Innovate & Transform, whose ambition is to help NZ companies rise to the challenges of a future which is disrupted, customer driven, digital & constantly changing by adopting a change in mindset and working practices.

David Spratt Headshot4

'Competing using the Cloud.  How to scale without breaking the business'
David Spratt, Total Utilities

David will present on the business drivers that led Total Utilities to become a “cloud only” consumer of IT services. He will then provide a detailed insight into how businesses can leverage cloud services while managing the technical, consumption and cost challenges that arise.

David is currently a Trustee for Counties Power Consumer Trust (assets over $250 million) and Shareholder Director at Total Utilities one of New Zealand’s leading utilities procurement, sustainability and analytics firms. David has a monthly column in Business Plus Magazine (EMA’s members’ magazine) and is a regular blogger on trends in technology and IT.  



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