Drop it before it's hot, with our DDoS mitigation services

Umbrellar’s DDoS mitigation service give us the ability to discard malicious incoming traffic before it reaches your website, app or hosted servers. On top of that, our threat detection system monitors all entry points within our data centres, meaning harmful international traffic can be dropped even before it reaches our shores. And if an attack is detected? Our team respond proactively to emerging attacks, initiating mitigation measures and assisting customers needing additional support.


Quality infrastructure, cutting-edge products

Our data centres are home to the fantastic services we offer Kiwi businesses. From colocation to our cutting edge Cloud services, we support 85,000 business and 300,000 domains from our facilities in Auckland, Christchurch and Sydney.

We work closely with our partners at HP, IBM, Microsoft and Nimble to build the very best IT services on the market. Keeping New Zealand’s IT assets up and running, 24/7, 365 days a year.

DDoS Detect & Protect