Microsoft CSP Programme

Our partnership with Microsoft empowers our resellers.

Access to the Microsoft CSP Platform lets you:


Directly manage the entire lifecycle for their Microsoft Cloud customers, including billing and monthly support.


Add, remove and provision licenses through CSP anytime, within seconds. Microsoft then bills partners for online service subscriptions and licenses monthly.


Easily manage and support their customers’ subscriptions using Microsoft Partner Center and Partner Admin Center.


Manage customers on one simple integrated dashboard.



Easily package their own tools, products and services, and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill.


Manage their whole product catalogue in one place.


Create recurring revenue by packaging cloud solutions to maximise customer lifetime value.


Connect business systems with APIs for end-to-end automation.

Microsoft online services available through the CSP program include:

Office 365
A line of subscription services offered by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Office product line. OneDrive, Office, SharePoint etc.

Windows Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite
A Centrally Managed Suite designed to allow employees to remain flexible and productive while ensuring that corporate data is secure. It lets you access all your devices, datacenter, and the cloud through one centrally-managed single sign-on.

Get identity-driven security and comprehensive, intelligent protection against today's advanced attacks. Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows from one place. Intelligently safeguard your corporate data and enable secured collaboration. Efficiently deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices.

Microsoft Azure is one of the world's leading hyperscale cloud platforms, with a vast array of tools to drive digital transformation in your infrastructure, applications and data platforms. Access all its power in collaboration with our 90-strong team and our multi-cloud portal, and with 24/7/365 support available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
The next generation of business applications. Unleash your digital organisation potential by breaking down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations. A cloud-based ERP and CRM enterprise system, built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility.


Our Partners can resell these
world-leading products and solutions

These are just a selection of the solutions that our Partners can resell.
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Seamless Development over Azure and Azure Stack

Consistent product development is a core principle of Azure Stack. Through our partnership with Microsoft, you can offer both Azure Stack and Azure public cloud for re-sale, enabling hybrid cloud options with the same look and feel. So you can build once and deploy over either or both platforms.

Access all the power of collaboration with Umbrellar via our portal, supported by our NZ Cloud Success Team 24/7*.

*Charges may apply.

Our Azure Stack Lets Customers:


Work faster by using the same application model, self-service portal, and APIs - as enabled by Azure Resource Manager.


Choose from multiple Linux distribution, Docker-integrated Containers (Linux and Windows Server), and Mesosphere.


Adopt modern DevOps practices with support for open source tools (e.g., Jenkins) and Visual Studio.


Just like Azure, Azure Stack supports a broad choice of open-source application platforms, languages, and frameworks; including Java, Python, Node.js, and PHP.



Speed up new cloud application development by using a range of open-source and community-driven software components from the Azure Marketplace in Azure Stack.


Easily transfer existing skills through a consistent development and deployment experience with Visual Studio.


Access powerful automation tools, such as and Azure PowerShell DSC extensions.


Use Pivotal Cloud Foundry and open source Cloud Foundry consistently across Azure and Azure Stack to rapidly build, deploy, and operate cloud applications that are easily-portable across hybrid cloud environments.