How it started

After 21 years of trading and acquiring a number of businesses along the way, we realised that to evolve we had to reinvent our processes, technology and energise our people. This was the start of our Digital Transformation journey.

We asked ourselves, if we were to start afresh and redesign our business on a blank sheet of paper, what would it look like?  How would we want to work?  How would we best serve the market? And how would we make better, quicker decisions, based on facts, trends and predictions?
Our story is one of self-disruption. It's a journey of breaking down silos, creating and delivering a vision for New Zealand tech that our people are inspired by, and of trials and tribulations, as we figured out what it means for us to drive the NZ Cloud Economy in 2018.
Going through our own transformation has given us major insight into how to walk the road of Digital Transformation with others. We’ve experienced the pitfalls and we've learnt from them to be able to educate our customers on their own journeys. Our vision was to transform, lead the market and master our domain. We feel we have done that.
Hitting the refresh button on our business was one of the hardest, but most rewarding things we have ever done. From here, we want to share with you why and how we did it. 

Being part of a Cloud Economy

Technology and change have always gone hand-in-hand.

From the invention of the wheel, to the industrial revolution, to the modern-day supercomputer and the phenomenon of the Internet, as we’ve developed smarter, better ways of doing things, we’ve changed the world we live in too.

Right now, we’re in the midst of such a revolution - not to mention a new commercial era - as cloud computing, the great disruptive technology of the 21st century, alters the way we work, and think, forever.

Cloud computing is the true modern business enabler - a whole new economy of applications, tools, data and resources - all there, all ready to be put to innovative new uses.

We’re all aware of how quickly industries - and the technology that informs them - is changing. From dynamic customer relationship management systems to machines that can think and learn, driving big data and business intelligence - these waves are at the forefront of a sea-change in the way business is done in a world of innovation and disruption opportunity.

Cloud technology, by its very nature, fundamentally changes the commercial structure of traditional IT. Today, anyone can subscribe to a vast array of business tools and technology platforms on-demand and without long-term lock-in, choosing what they want, when they want, and accessing scale at will. Cloud tech now lets businesses connect their end-users, customers, partners and suppliers seamlessly, and because its subscription-based, it acts as the great enterprise equaliser, giving everyone access to the same firepower as the big guys, regardless of size.

It’s a new economy - the ‘Cloud Economy’ - where entrepreneurs, tech-savvy businesses and smart thinkers change the way they do business - often within a matter of weeks, not years. 

It’s this transformative power that makes cloud technology so important and we’re only just beginning to understand how fundamental the shift is. 

The economy of tomorrow lives in the cloud.

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Umbrellar and the Cloud Economy

There’s a lot to understand, but our mission is simple: To help every New Zealand business grow, transform and thrive within this burgeoning Cloud Economy.

We bring together an ‘economy’ of infrastructure, platforms, products, API’s, services, apps and partners, all integrated. The Cloud Economy powered by Umbrellar brings a step change in how we build great businesses. 

We help Kiwi businesses navigate this ever-changing tech landscape. With our tools, partnerships, resources and expertise, we craft unique strategies and solutions that let our clients leverage the potential of the cloud, no matter where they are on their journey.

We’ve been powering New Zealand online and in the cloud since 1997, and we’ve helped businesses achieve remarkable things. We’ll take your vision, your passion and your ideas, and provide you with insights, tools, talent and partners to reach your goals.

Key Partners 

We’ve joined forces with market-leading collaborators - Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Veeam and VMware - to power the transformation of cloud here in New Zealand. Add to that our own 90-strong team and you’ve got a full-power, end-to-end multi-cloud ecosystem, up-to-date and on-demand, without the drawbacks of traditional IT.

Simply put, we’re one of the few local providers with the tools, team and network to create clear, rational and implementable pathways to digital transformation.

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Our Digital Transformation